Which Warehouse predicts an end to the traditional January slump for the logistics and warehousing industry

Which Warehouse predicts an end to the traditional January slump for the logistics and warehousing industry

Which Warehouse, a commercial agent for the warehousing and logistics industry, is predicting an end to the traditional ‘January slump’ for warehousing space in 2019 following record levels of customer enquires and website visits.

In previous years, the post-Christmas demand for good quality warehouse space has significantly fallen in January as many retailers require less stock following the festive period.

However, following a review of website analytics, website enquiries and calls to the Which Warehouse team, the company has seen more than 300,000 visits to their website and a 50% increase in enquires for warehouse space.

Which Warehouse are specialists in sourcing warehouse space and logistics services within the UK and Ireland. From short to long-term warehousing solutions, specialist warehousing and e-commerce and fulfilment, they are experts in matching retailers and manufactures with warehouse owners throughout the UK.

The warehousing specialists have cited over-production in preparation for Brexit as one of the reasons that they have enjoyed a dramatic increase in interest for their services, as many companies are stockpiling more goods than usual in readiness for the UK leaving the EU next year.

What was heralded as a catastrophe for the UK warehousing and logistics industry has had the opposite effect, with positive implications that are actually helping to drive warehousing demand and bolster the industry.

Phil Degavino, Managing Director of Which Warehouse said “The upturn in customer enquires and website traffic has been phenomenal and is a testament to the strength and resilience of the UK’s warehousing and logistics industry.

“The demand for warehousing space is only set to increase as we prepare for Brexit, so we’re urging retailers and manufacturers to reach out to us with their warehousing needs before demand outstrips supply.”

Retailers and manufacturers seeking warehousing, e-commerce and logistics solutions can access the Which Warehouse service free of charge.

To find out more, visit: https://www.whichwarehouse.com