Warehouse work is experiencing a renaissance, says Pallet Truck Shop

Warehouse work is experiencing a renaissance, says Pallet Truck Shop

However big a company Amazon are, they rely on warehouses for a core part of their business. With the news that they have created 50,000 new vacancies across the United States, Pallet Truck Shop, the experts in manual haulage solutions, says this is proof that warehouse work is on the up.

“Warehouse work has always been a specialised skill,” says Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Truck Shop. “The equipment used is complex and often training is needed to make the most of it. Amazon investing in these vacancies, as well as opening ten new warehouses across the USA, means that warehouse work is getting to show how important it is to the modern world.”

With nothing more than an order form, a group of bright employees, and equipment like hydraulic stackers and aerial work platforms, online shops are able to benefit customers by having easy and quick delivery all over the globe. With Amazon US expanding into their next stage of global development, it seems likely that the UK will follow suit.

Warehouses are a far cry from the imagined dusty and lifeless boxes the general public think of. Instead, they’re bright busy places where orders are packaged, training is given, and expansions are planned.

“Amazon have become a monolith in online shopping, but the real gain is to warehouses,” added Phil Chesworth. “Other companies may stand back and see how this expansion goes for Amazon, but if it goes well then others will want to emulate their success.

“This is great news for all bright warehouse operatives and can only mean good things for the future of warehousing.”

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