Warehouses to Prepare for Increased Domestic Demand as Manufacturing Returns to UK

Warehouses to Prepare for Increased Domestic Demand as Manufacturing Returns to UK

As global supply chains continue to face long delays and logistics issues, UK suppliers should prepare for a stark increase in domestic demand, says manual handling experts, Midland Pallet Trucks.

The UK-based supplier of pallet trucks, lift tables, and aerial work platforms is warning logistics and delivery companies that preparations need to be made if they are to cope with the surge in demand from a growing UK manufacturing base. This increase in domestic demand has been spurred on by Brexit rules targeting overseas deliveries, setbacks during Covid, and the Ukrainian War which has thrown global supply chains into turmoil.

Many UK businesses and suppliers have faced unprecedented challenges over the past couple of years in acquiring and maintaining their stock, which is prompting many companies to dial down on their overseas manufacturing and instead bring it back to the UK. This decision will mean less uncertainty, reduced lead times, and more control over their supply chains but, may lead to issues for warehouses across the country.

The new renaissance of British manufacturing means that further pressure will be placed on UK-based warehouses and logistics firms. To keep up with rising demand and satisfy customer demands, warehouses will have to adapt and become more efficient than ever before.

Midland Pallet Trucks believe that the right manual handling equipment is key to bolster internal capacity in warehouses across the country. With the right machinery, managers will be able to speed up processes, minimise error and improve order picking.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks says, “We’re obviously very happy that manufacturing is once again returning to the UK after outsourcing work overseas became the norm for so long. However, we can’t ignore the strain that this is going to put on UK warehouse and logistics industries.

Warehouses need to develop their internal processes and invest in the right machinery if they want to adapt in time. We’re already seeing an increase and it’s only going to be accelerated by the Ukrainian war, so it’s a now or never time for many warehouse managers.”

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