Warehousing Industry is “Ready” But Deliveries Aren’t Coming

Warehousing Industry is “Ready” But Deliveries Aren’t Coming Say UK-Based Material Handling Experts

The warehousing industry is ready for incoming deliveries from abroad, but nothing is coming due to post-Brexit customs delays, says Midland Bearings, an equipment supplier to the UK warehousing and logistics sector.

The logistics industry has been hit hard by the UK’s departure from the EU, facing increasing delivery costs, high customs fees, and a worrying reduction in lorry drivers. The industry has also had to work with the Government’s frequent delays and uncertainties, all while trying to catch up on business lost over the pandemic.

Important policies like the Customs Declaration Service (CDS), which was promised to be put into action years ago have been victim to numerous delays. A similar situation has also been seen with the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) which has finally been put in place, but to the disappointment to many in the industry who believe it’s not in working order.

In an industry that’s already been struggling during the pandemic, these delays at the border are piling on further strain on businesses. Warehousing—as well as ports, retailers, and forwarders—are ready and waiting for deliveries in hopes of getting their businesses back to ‘normal’, but the government has made any immediate hope of improvement very unlikely.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director at Midland Pallet Trucks says, “Everyone in our industry has worked extremely hard to stay afloat over the pandemic. It’s really tough to see these delays hold us back. Government needs to seriously address these problems, and quickly, to avoid causing any more issues.

“We know from our customers that warehouses have prepared themselves for deliveries picking up, but these deliveries simply aren’t coming. It’s really disappointing to see companies who have tried their best be penalised due to government delays.”

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