Wedding Planner Warns Couples to be Vigilant in Post-Covid Supplier Boom

Wedding Planner Warns Couples to be Vigilant in Post-Covid Supplier Boom

London-based wedding planning service, Illy Elizabeth Weddings, is bracing for the busiest season on record as couples finally get to tie the knot without COVID restrictions. Now, owner Illy Goodall is reaching out to couples, ensuring they’re making smart and informed supplier decisions in the complex post-pandemic vendor landscape that’s growing larger all the time.

It’s no secret that 2020 and 2021 were not good years for weddings. April 2020 saw 82% of weddings postponed across the world, followed closely by 81% in May. By December that year, 9% of weddings were still being pushed back.

With 2022 gearing up to be the most hectic year for weddings following the huge number of cancellations during lockdown, wedding suppliers – including florists, musicians, and caterers – are in high demand. More new suppliers are setting up than ever before, but it seems not all of them are a good choice, with some buying followers on Instagram to appear more experienced.

Alongside this comes yet another challenge: availability. Even with the influx of new suppliers, most are already fully booked for Saturdays between June and October 2022. According to Goodall, couples are more likely to secure any vendor they can for their chosen date, regardless of experience or reputation, which may result in a disappointing low quality service on the day.

Illy Goodall, Wedding Planner and Owner of Illy Elizabeth Weddings, says “Desperation to secure a wedding vendor in 2022 is leading many couples to settle for services from poorly regarded suppliers, or new suppliers who lack experience in the field. And with many suppliers upping their cost – sometimes up to 200% – couples could end up losing significant money if they make the wrong decision. It’s never been more important for couples to either use a reputable wedding planner, or make sure they’re doing their own thorough research and checking contracts carefully to avoid being disappointed”.

While working with a reputable wedding planner can eradicate the chance of using a poor quality supplier thanks to the planners’ extensive networks of reliable contacts across the industry, these services are in more demand than ever. With the average wedding taking 250 hours to plan, there is a limit as to how many weddings planners can accept at any one time. Goodall is advising her clients to opt for 2023/2024 weddings, allowing the dust to settle and taking away the added stress that comes with post-COVID planning.

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