What a catch! Fish4Ever launches sustainable new subscription service to make canned fish cool again

What a catch! Fish4Ever launches sustainable new subscription service to make canned fish cool again

Sustainable canned fish producer, Fish4Ever is expanding its exciting product range with a new subscription service that’s set to deliver innovative canned fish products to foodies around the country each month.

The monthly subscription will allow customers to stock up on staple canned fish items such as tuna and mackerel, as well as explore Fish4Ever’s innovative products with interesting limited-edition specials and monthly surprises.

In a time when hyper-processed fast food and convenience are at their most popular, Fish4Ever’s sustainably-minded subscription service will combine complete convenience with inspirational products to re-ignite the nation’s love affair with canned fish.

Fish4Ever Founder, Charles Redfern said, “Our new subscription service will make it easier for people to get their hands on tasty and affordable canned fish. I think many will be surprised at how much better our products taste compared to regular supermarket brands, plus you can’t beat the satisfaction of knowing you’re buying from a brand that genuinely cares.”

Canned fish is a huge global industry, with top brands producing low-quality products competing solely on price. Because of this, trustworthy brands simply can’t compete and are nowhere to be found in supermarkets.

Fish4Ever’s mission is to provide a sustainable and healthy alternative. By sourcing the best quality fish and providing support at all levels of the supply chain, it has paved the way to do better for customers, fishermen and fishing communities – hopefully encouraging more brands to follow its lead in the process.

Subscribers can look forward to getting a taste of Fish4Ever’s expanding product line, ranging from flavoursome mackerel and sardines in oil, to premium tuna, to liven up mid-week suppers and weekend treats.

To subscribe, visit: https://www.organicorealfoods.com

To find out more, visit: https://www.fish4ever.co.uk