Wildish & Co. Draws on 70s Surf Vibes to Build New Brand for Fashion Agency

Wildish & Co. Draws on 70s Surf Vibes to Build New Brand for Fashion Agency

London-based Wildish & Co. has been commissioned to help fashion firm Good People Agency create closer connections with its global partners with a cool new brand that communicates its message.

The rebranding exercise has been specifically designed to better reflect Good People Agency’s friendly, laid back, and refreshingly down-to-earth approach to selling and distributing the coolest fashion and unisex accessories from some of the world’s most iconic brands, including Stutterheim, Kleman, Monokel, Native North, TSPTR, and Knickerbocker. The agency works with distributors from Cali to Christchurch, so it is vital to communicate a message that translates across all four corners of the globe.

“We approached Wildish & Co. about creating a new brand identity inspired by the 70s California surf scene which we felt would reflect and represent our portfolio of brands while also allowing us to form better connections with global retailers,” says John Kiszely, Owner of Good People Agency. “We are incredibly proud of the work the team has done, creating a brand with voice and soul, and one which not only gives our featured clients room to breathe, but also helps us build a solid brand in our own right.”

With a company-wide mantra of ‘community first, industry second’, one of the biggest challenges facing Good People Agency was building a brand that wasn’t tied to the cut-throat mentalities of the fashion industry, and which instead was deeply rooted in the team’s own vision of inclusivity, friendliness, and easy going vibes; a refreshing approach that was already helping Good People Agency to stand out amongst the crowd. To create a visual representation of this vision, Wildish & Co. delivered a full brand system and responsive new website to a tight deadline to ensure the branding exercise was rolled out prior to the A/W 2021 season from 1st February.

“We spent quite some time sitting down with John and the team to really try and get a good feel for the message that they wanted to send through their branding, not only to the brands that they work with, but also to retailers all around the world,” says Sam Fresco, Strategy Director, Wildish & Co. “We are thrilled that Good People Agency are happy with their new visual identity, and we’re very much looking forward to seeing what’s next for the team as the brand continues to grow and develop under its cool, laid back identity.”

To find out more about Wildish & Co. visit wildishandco.co.uk or check out the new Good People Agency branding at goodpeopleagency.co.uk.