How will Theresa May’s plans to address the housing shortage impact on SMEs in certain sectors?

How will Theresa May’s plans to address the housing shortage impact on SMEs in certain sectors?

With the Prime Minster vouching to tackle the housing shortage crisis in the UK by removing tens of billions of pounds of housing associations’ debt in order to stimulate more building, a capital financing firm offering SMEs loans & Residential Property Development Capital, including 100% Development funding and GDV of up to £80 million, is keen to offer support to the industries likely to be impacted.

GIC Capital provides SMEs with vital funding through privately owned investment companies and is concerned that construction firms may be set to experience changes to their industry, especially given the fact that Mrs May has recently spoken out about her disliking for the bonus structures that many construction firms employ.

Changes are set to be made to the National Planning Policy Framework, a set of legislation that lays our rules and best practice relating to planning, conservation and the rural economy.

Kennedy Zvenyika, Managing Director of GIC Capital said: “At present, the construction industry is going through a period of change, with new legislation likely to alter the planning process, as well as the fact that the recession from last year is continuing to be felt by firms.

“Thanks to a decline in housebuilding, the UK construction industry is continuing to contract. The lack of affordable housing in the UK is, of course, a social barrier to young people with dreams of getting on the property ladder and construction firms will need to tread carefully if they are going to facilitate growth, especially given the fact that the costs of exports is also rising.”

The Prime Minister is planning to completely transform the way that green belt land is dealt with and is hoping to make it harder for developers that purchase land and wait for the value of it to increase before selling it on.

GIC Capital can offer SMEs and businesses operating in a plethora of different sectors access to expansion capital and funding to help them sustain themselves and also grow their offering.

Their business loans offer flexible rate solutions, provided that businesses meet certain criteria.

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