WL Media HK Launches Monthly, Ethical SEO Packages to Deliver Businesses a Return

WL Media HK Launches Monthly, Ethical SEO Packages to Deliver Businesses a Return

Leading online marketing firm WL Media HK is urging businesses across Hong Kong to embrace rule abiding search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques to enhance their online presence. The brand has put together a cost effective monthly package aimed at various sizes businesses to demonstrate that ethical, honest practices can deliver a real return on investment through generating genuine leads and customers.

Recognising that unethical businesses practices are still rife in the region, WL Media HK notes that the long-term drawbacks of dishonest SEO can far outweigh the initial advantages. Using industry and search engine approved techniques, the firm’s honest SEO monthly package builds trust and integrity, resulting in more business for the forward-thinking clients that embrace this way of thinking.

Winnie Tsoi, Founder of WL Media HK, said, “So many SEO companies in Hong Kong take a do anything to succeed approach, neglecting to think about the long-term implications for their customers. Not rule-abiding SEO techniques such as using hidden text and purchased links, are still common but they can have a hugely negative impact. These types of unethical practices might not be against the law but they do break the rules of search engines, including Google, meaning an indexed business can quickly fall down the rankings.”

Raymond Lowe, Internet Marketing Analyst of WL Media HK, added, “It’s important that businesses think about their SEO strategy in the long-term. Black hat SEO techniques might yield results quickly but being penalised for them can be hard to recover from and have a substantial effect on customer perceptions. We use best in industry practices to not only deliver a significant return on investment for our clients but to deliver results that continue to have a positive influence too.”

The honest SEO package from WL Media HK allows businesses to target the product and services that they want to boost sales of through increasing online visibility. Creating a solid foundation for an SEO strategy to be built on, the comprehensive package establishes trust with both customers and search engines through tried and tested rule-abiding techniques. Despite eliminating impossible promises and quick-fixes that back fire, the expertise and insight at WL Media HK still promises to deliver results

To find out more about WL Media HK’s monthly SEO package visit:  wlmedia.hk/seo-monthly-package/