Woman-led marketing firm collects invaluable advice from the female entrepreneurs making a killing in Hong-Kong

Woman-led marketing firm collects invaluable advice from the female entrepreneurs making a killing in Hong-Kong

Tips and tricks for creating business success have been collected from 30 of Hong Kong’s most successful female entrepreneurs in an effort to encourage more women to become successful businesswomen and not be held back by their gender.

Winnie Tsoi, founder of the female-led internet marketing firm WL Media HK, has brought together the experience and advice from women who’ve created successful businesses in a variety of industries, ranging from travel to skincare.

She hopes the findings of her study will help encourage the next generation of female entrepreneurs to follow in the footsteps of the women leading the way in Hong Kong’s business arena.

Winnie said: “Collecting this invaluable advice was challenging, but it is too important not to distribute. My aim was to help as many budding, struggling and even successful women entrepreneurs see what is possible, and that they are not alone.

“A study by The Women’s Foundation found that 81% of high-growth entrepreneurs are men. This isn’t due to men being inherently more skilled or intelligent than women. The objective of me collecting this data was to inspire the next generation of women who are more than capable of becoming business leaders in the future.”

Findings from Winnie’s data include the fact that 26% of the entrepreneurs interviewed felt that passion was the top quality that breeds success. 26% believed networking was a primary area to focus on in order to become successful.

Winne’s collection of data also found that qualities such as having self-belief, being unafraid to ask questions and persistence were also traits key to creating a successful business.

Maura Thompson, Co-Founder of Sassy Media Group said in the survey: “I have found that one of the key drivers in building a great business is to always ask the questions and know who to be asking them to whether it is internally or externally. Don’t get paralyzed by not knowing it all.”

Another of the entrepreneurs surveyed was Nicole Graham, Founder of Bauhinia Solutions. She advised: “Be focused yet flexible. Consider all opportunities carefully, whether it is a client asking for something or someone approaching you to collaborate on a project.”

Advice such as this from the very best females could be vital to combatting the gender disparity in business leaders. The 2016 census report showed that two thirds of Hong Kong business managers and administrators are still male.

The female-led WL Media Hong Kong is proof that this trend can be bucked. Key to pushing back against this gender disparity include women knowing what business they want to start, who their target market is and how to differentiate themselves from the competition, according to the survey findings.

WL Media Hong Kong specializes in digital marketing services and consultancy, and has built up a glowing reputation for its ability to help Hong Kong and Asian firms to reach their business goals.

To read the advice and tips from Hong Kong’s female business leaders collected through Winnie’s survey, visit https://www.wlmedia.hk/31-hong-kong-women-entrepreneurs-share-their-advice-on-how-to-start-a-business/.

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