Women No Longer Need A Leo Grande For The Big ‘O’: Introducing Emotional Bliss For Women Who Struggle to Achieve Orgasm

Women No Longer Need A Leo Grande For The Big ‘O’: Introducing Emotional Bliss For Women Who Struggle to Achieve Orgasm

A man on a mission to raise the profile of the female orgasm has created two new products after years of research. The long-awaited launch of Emotional Bliss is the final stage in Paul Telford’s journey to create superior sexual well-being products for women like Emma Thompson’s latest film character, who may struggle to reconnect with their body.

During product development, Paul worked with women living with conditions, such as diabetes, MS, and menopause, all of which can prohibit the ability to achieve orgasm, and consulted with some of the country’s most respected psychosexual therapists.

The Femblossom Heat and Womolia Heat intimate massagers were created to help those struggling to achieve sexual fulfilment so they can reconnect with their bodies and rebalance their natural chemicals without reliance on pharmaceuticals, such as oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine, endorphins and oestrogen known to be released into the body during orgasm – or triggered by antidepressants.

Paul recognises being male and raising the profile of the female orgasm is controversial but says, “Sex education and wider culture have not helped women to connect with their own bodies in ways that restore their emotional well-being and rebalance their frame of mind. There’s a lot of narrative around the male orgasm but very little is said about the benefits for women. The vast majority of men desire that special connection with their partner but due to continued misinformation, many women are short changed in the bedroom. The men that care, do need to understand how the female orgasm works and appreciate that the female orgasm isn’t just about arousal and pleasure, though of course that matters, it’s also a form of self-care.”

“I worked with women struggling to overcome some of their personal obstacles to achieving sexual fulfilment and their feedback helped Emotional Bliss’s team to create products based on their physiology and the science behind the female orgasm. Our experience shows that this ability to reconnect with their bodies delivers profound health benefits, including relieving stress, anxiety and depression and many more.”

Uniquely curvaceous, the Femblossom Heat stimulates the sensitive nerve endings surrounding the clitoris and the labia simultaneously, making for a more pleasurable sensory experience. Its seven stimulating vibrating frequencies are accompanied with a delicately heated textured surface which works in tune with the body.

Sophisticated with a gentle curve, the Womolia Heat intimate massager has a heated angled tip which focuses sensations and can be used to stimulate the sensitive nerve endings within the entrance of the vagina, labia and the clitoris.

Emotional Bliss products are designed to stimulate orgasm for women of all ages.  The company recognizes that every woman is different so their intimate experiences vary widely.  One satisfied 71-year-old customer said, “I have gone through life believing there was something wrong with me; now I know I am normal after experiencing my first orgasm.”

Emotional Bliss is confident in the transformative power of the Femblossom Heat and Womolia Heat intimate massagers and offers a money back guarantee.

For more information, visit: https://emotionalbliss.com