Wordtracker has announced a major new product release which will allow users to see which keywords competitors are using and adjust their own strategies accordingly.

Inspect makes short work of competitor keyword research by leveraging natural language processing techniques to deliver an innovative, effective new way of conducting detailed keyword research.  The tool scans rival webpages in seconds using powerful algorithms which break down the on page content, putting both the theme and topic of the page into context. Inspect will return a list of top keywords, showing what the page in question is optimised for but, will help users to shore up their own optimisation strategy by also displaying keywords missing from the page and identifying potential keyword opportunities.

The new tool offers an enterprise take on keyword research – in addition to identifying target keywords and missed opportunities, a title and description analysis calculates an optimisation score for the most important aspects on page.

Wordtracker CEO Owen Powis said, “We started off with Wordtracker Scout, our Chrome extension for on-page analysis, which has over 8500 active users. Building on the success of this, we saw the need in the market for on-page keyword analysis. So we took what we learned from the Scout Chrome Extension and built it into a much more powerful stand-alone tool – Inspect.

“We used aspects of natural language processing to develop our own custom algorithms to be able to near-instantly break down any webpage into its most important keywords. We’ve already seen the impact on our own keyword research processes. It’s given us a completely new way to approach either on-page optimisation or competitor analysis and list building.”

For marketers looking to exploit new niches, Inspect is an invaluable secret weapon. Those struggling to find phrases where the competition is low enough to allow you to quickly and effectively rank but the volume within the niche is high enough to make the activity profitable can deploy Inspect to crawl sites within a broad category before refining down the returned keywords to gain an understanding of the niche and how competitive it is.

SEO professionals and those working to increase their organic reach can also put Inspect to work. It can be used alongside Scout to generate a list of keywords being targeted by other sites ranking for the same term, so those same phrases can be added to keyword lists and incorporated into SEO activity, along with keywords Inspect determines competitors have missed.

Inspect can be found within the Wordtracker keyword tool. To find out more visit https://www.wordtracker.com/blog/wordtracker-tools/now-you-can-get-keywords-from-other-websites-too