As work related stress continues to rise travel blogging brand champions the positive impact of wellness breaks

As work related stress continues to rise travel blogging brand champions the positive impact of wellness breaks

Overworked and career-driven professionals itching to get ahead can now find solace and light relief as creative holidays and wellness getaways are set to take center-stage in 2018.

With research showing that around 12 million adults in the UK see their GP with mental health problems relating to stress and anxiety each year, the need for these kinds of travel experiences has never been more prominent.

The Trouvaille Diaries is an online travel blog and brand that has garnered a significant following due to its colorful and thought-provoking posts promoting travel and exploration through many exciting corners of the world including Asia.

The brand is now urging city workers and anyone who spends their days in high-pressure jobs to consider the benefits of taking a step back and indulging in wellness travel and creative therapy.

India B.K, founder of The Trouvaille Diaries said: “Much like the recent trends for adult coloring books and summer camps for the grown up, the travel industry is now realizing one simple fact: people have a need to rediscover something about themselves, something they have lost, their inner child, the creative, craft-loving person who got lost in the 9-5 routine of responsibility and adult life and was never really found.

“Taking time off from our busy schedules and getting involved in more creative pursuits can help us forget about the stresses of everyday life and find comfort and enjoyment as we discover new places and experiences.”

It seems that hotels across the globe are already cottoning on to how beneficial incorporating creativity into their setting can be for their guests, with coloring books for adults now becoming a regular fixture in many hotels, wellness retreats and spas.

These creative baby steps are helping travelers realize what is important again and a number of hotels are taking the sentiment even further. The Marriot in Costa Rica now offers guests art therapy classes, while the Gladstone Hotel’s in Toronto has launched their very own ‘TGIF Adult Coloring’ workshops which include cocktails and music and Mandarin Oriental has already adopted a brand wide ‘Digital Detox’ program which uses coloring books, journaling and notecard writing in all of their spa’s.

The Global Wellness Summit Report has also cited that there is to be a new focus on silent wellness destinations such as spas that promote time, space and silence as luxurious elements of their offering.

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