Workers in Electrical Industry Can Improve Safety by Choosing Specialist Manufacturer

Workers in Electrical Industry Can Improve Safety by Choosing Specialist Manufacturer

Electrical workers that fail to choose a specialist provider for their personal protection equipment (PPE) could be placing their health and safety at risk, according to industry leading expert Skanwear. The brand is urging both individuals and companies to take the time to research their safety equipment in 2018 to ensure it continues to meet high standards and delivers the required protection.

Angus Long, Global Technical Manager of Skanwear, said, “It can be tempting to choose PPE that’s not from a specialist manufacturer that really understands the industry and the demands of various jobs. Many people mistakenly believe they’ll get a better deal in terms of value by selecting a non-specialist but that’s not always the case and it certainly isn’t when the safety aspect is covered.

“Choosing a specialist manufacturer means businesses can rest assured that each of their members of staff has the necessary protection for their work. But the benefits of choosing a specialist go beyond that too. With an in-depth knowledge of the sector and dedicated ranges that consider a variety of risks, such as arc flash or fire, PPE firms have the insights to help customers choose the right equipment and clothing to meet their needs, reducing risk and saving lives.”

Skanwear has been operating in the industry for almost three decades, amassing a wealth of knowledge and building an experienced team during this time. Operating globally, the brand delivers professional standard items to businesses and workers operating within a range of sectors. Its own brand, STRATA, represents its ambitions to deliver durable, reliable clothing that’s built for environments where there are risks present.

Long added, “There are numerous steps businesses and individuals should be taking to improve their safety at work and, in our opinion, that starts with having the right clothing and equipment on at all times. Using PPE is a simple step but one that shouldn’t be overlooked, it provides a vital layer of protection when other safety processes and procedures fail.”

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