Workforce management platform HYRE to help alleviate strain on NHS

Workforce management platform HYRE to help alleviate strain on NHS

The company behind a new public health service workforce planning and service transformation app have outlined the unprecedented challenges facing the NHS, highlighting why it is increasingly vital to empower our public health services.

With the 2021 Budget signalling a shortage of funding for general practices and only a 1% pay increase on NHS staff salaries in the coming months, the team behind HYRE, which is an approved supplier for the NHS’s new Primary Care Flexible Staff Pools initiative, say retention of primary staff and building on learnings from the COVID pandemic should be prioritised.

As the UK vaccination programme continues apace, there will likely be a shift in the coming months away from reducing hospital admissions. Instead, focus will switch towards planning for how the NHS approaches the fallout of increased mental health challenges, maintaining the wider public’s focus on health and wellbeing, and building on community spirit.

HYRE is a leading digital platform that makes it simple and cost-effective for Primary Care Networks, GP surgeries and out-of-hour services to build flexible staffing pools and develop a locum bank at PCN or ICS level. Its design makes it an indispensable tool in the face of current challenges.

Emma Wilson from HYRE said “There are numerous workforce challenges for public health services to tackle in the near future and beyond.

“Understanding what NHS staff have been through during the pandemic is crucial, as is supporting and retaining them, as they are the ones who will be best able to identify where the pressure points are.

“The pandemic by nature was a very reactive process for health services. With the help of platforms like HYRE, we should see practice managers transitioning to proactive approaches, with forward-looking plans which alleviate additional stress on the sector.”

By aiding practice managers and healthcare professionals alike to post and find available roles without agency fees, manage staff rotas and plan training sessions targeted at bridging gaps in community care, HYRE’s integrated services are designed to revolutionise public health services while saving vital funds in the process.

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