World Fashion Parade in Partnership with the UN Confirms Unique Fashion Show with a Purpose to Take Place in New York this Fall

World Fashion Parade in Partnership with the UN Confirms Unique Fashion Show with a Purpose to Take Place in New York this Fall

Manhattan’s stylish streets are no stranger to couture looks but, a new event confirmed for this Fall promises to push the boundaries of what the city’s tastemakers and policy shapers can expect from fashion’s elite in the Big Apple.

Blending the latest in high fashion, with high tech and a visionary mission to influence change in the industry, World Fashion Parade’s unique Fashion for Peace show – developed in partnership with the UN – will embrace ethics and challenge the established practices of the fashion industry. The event, to be held at the Plaza Hotel, will raise awareness of unsustainable fashion and child labor while showcasing a slew of hot designers and models, paired with unprecedented access for viewers in-person and around the world.


Charlie Bansal, Vice President at World Fashion Parade and Chief Strategy Officer, said, “World Fashion Parade is creating a show that boldly challenges established norms. Fashion for Peace will bring together top designers, models, and sponsors from all over the world to create a very different type of fashion show. This style of event has not been seen or done before and it has the sole purpose of influencing change within the industry. We challenge both designers and models to advocate for changes to unsustainable practices in production, which negatively affect more than 168 million children around the globe every year.


“Together with the United Nations, we have developed a unique initiative to drive awareness. World Fashion Parade is bigger than simply sending clothes and models down the runway. We are a group of like minded people who share a love for fashion, and a desire for change.”


It’s not just the morals of World Fashion Parade and its commitment to facilitating change to end child labor that ensures the event will stand out in the industry either. Among the highly acclaimed organizations, leaders, and designers participating in the event, Amine J Hachem, who has been internationally recognized for pushing the boundaries of opera music, will be performing. Blending the art form with unconventional global sounds, his distinctive music is the perfect harmonious backdrop to what World Fashion Parade will achieve this Fall.

Fashion for Peace also promises to create an immersive environment for fashion lovers, whether they’re in New York or connecting online. Utilizing the latest technology, local and international audiences alike can interact with the show in real time, adding a defiant new face to fashion, with an ethical twist. Anyone watching the show will be able to

purchase outfits instantaneously as they’re walked out, follow the models on social media and know exactly what’s coming up even as participants take to the catwalk.

Mr. Bansal adds, “Fashion for Peace will be a transformative, immersive event which changes the concept of fast fashion, challenges the norms and effects global change.”

The Fashion for Peace event will take place September 22, 2017 at the Plaza Hotel in New York. An impressive lineup of collaborators and models has been confirmed with more announcements due soon. A number of influential celebrity guests will be announced via social media @worldfashionparade.

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