World-first recyclable waste stock market launches to showcase financial incentives for reusable waste materials

World-first recyclable waste stock market launches to showcase financial incentives for reusable waste materials

A world-first recyclable waste stock market has launched to connect eco-conscious buyers and sellers while challenging the belief that all waste is worthless.

The Green Alchemist provides an innovative sales platform where businesses can sell their unwanted recyclable items to both local and national buyers in need of such materials.

Dealing in recyclable materials such as paper, wire and cable, cardboard recycling, glass and a variety of plastics, sellers can subscribe to The Green Alchemist marketplace, list the materials they have to sell by weight and type and be contacted by a selection of buyers willing to collect the materials at a mutually agreed time.

For buyers looking to boost their eco credentials and move away from virgin materials, the one-of-a-kind platform is easy to use and offers them the opportunity to create a profile detailing the types of materials they can collect and the areas they are willing to travel to for collection.

The platform allows both buyers and sellers to communicate freely for hassle-free transactions, get competitive quotes and help the environment at the same time. It is also offering limited subscription cost incentives for members that join the platform now. The Green Alchemist team will also be planting one tree per new subscription as a tangible commitment to protecting the planet and natural environment for future generations.

The marketplace seeks to overcome the traditionally held misconception that all waste is worthless and showcase that recyclable waste does have a value which in turn will increase now that there is a dedicated platform to help facilitate the buying and selling of a whole host of materials.

The Green Alchemist is the brainchild of Ayo Isinkaye who said “The ethos behind The Green Alchemist is two-fold. Firstly, we want to help increase recycling rates to protect our environment, but what really sets our mission apart is that we also want people to realise that recycling can give them a financial boost as well as the feeling that they’re playing their part to preserve our environment.

That’s why we created this world-first platform to serve both interests and connect sellers and buyers for mutually beneficial transactions that can help save the planet.”

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