World’s First Norwegian-Inspired Vegan Deli Lands in London

World’s First Norwegian-Inspired Vegan Deli Lands in London

While Norway’s renowned carnivorous diet might not seem much like a vegan’s dream, a new online delicatessen based in London is using Nordic inspiration to develop a range of plant-based comfort foods. Now operating in Maida Hill, SPIS Vegan is the world’s first Norwegian-inspired deli, combining 100% animal-free ingredients with Norway’s exotic flavours and cherished culinary culture.

Viking-approved treats are influenced by the natural splendour of the Fjords, the relaxed atmosphere of the Lofoten Islands and the urban grandeur of Oslo. Its cruelty-free alternatives to some of Norway’s best loved dishes bring the majesty and flavour of the Nordics right into the heart of London.

SPIS Vegan’s mouth-watering morsels are all handcrafted, plant-based and organic. Treats include vegan cured meats, tasty cheeses, moreish sauces, sumptuous picnic foods, and decadent baked goods. Every product is created by SPIS Vegan’s innovative chefs using traditional Nordic techniques and umami-rich flavours.

SPIS Vegan Founder Lanya Michele said, “Our goal is to make delicious vegan food more accessible than ever before, while also sharing the flavours, aromas and ingredients of Norwegian cuisine. Our savoury products are all-natural, healthy, and delicious, brimming with the taste and zest of Norway, but created right here in our north London kitchen.”

With traditional Norwegian cuisine heavy in locally-sourced meats, fish, and dairy, SPIS Vegan has faced quite the challenge in adapting the nation’s dishes into plant-based alternatives.

The ultra-creative team has created a menu like no other, with standouts including truffle and seaweed-infused nut-free cheeses, vegan salami, no-fish smoked salmon, and plant-based brisket made from beetroot. Smoky BBQ sauces, intense garlic aiolis, refreshing kale salsas, and flavoursome veggie side dishes also showcase the food culture of the UN’s designated happiest country in the world.

A great way to try a bit of everything is with one of SPIS Vegan’s curated picnic bundles, packed with organic, appetizing vegan goodies. Perfect for sharing, they’re delivered in locally-made recyclable boxes and are bursting with big, bold favours, herbs, spices and traditional Nordic ingredients.

In addition to serving up Nordic-inspired vegan delicacies, the food brand offers carefully curated corporate gift boxes to bring the magic of authentic Norwegian food to offices nationwide, and supplies other delis and retailers around the country.

SPIS Vegan’s plant-based Norwegian comfort foods can be ordered online for local and national delivery.

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