World’s First SMART Skincare Device Given CE Approval

World’s First SMART Skincare Device Given CE Approval

The world’s first SMART skincare device, the Comper Smarkin, has been awarded CE approval for meeting the health, safety, and environmental criteria set by the European Union.

Designed and created by US-based artificial intelligence firm Comper Healthcare, CE certification allows the innovative Smarkin device to be sold within the European Economic Area, improving worldwide accessibility to advanced healthcare solutions and expanding the reach of intelligent skincare and enhanced SMART technologies.

Comper Healthcare has entered into volume production, with capacity to produce up to 3000 Smarkin devices per month. Industry sales of the Smarkin device are well underway within the EU, with greater distribution of the Comper Smarkin holding the potential to revolutionise the existing skincare industry.

The Comper Smarkin provides individual users with a highly personalised skincare routine and treatment schedule based upon the health and condition of their skin, taking into account any skin disorders or allergies to generate a plan that is tailored to each user. The app can be revisited any time as needed as conditions change, or as users need to seek advice about new skincare concerns that they may have. The Smarkin is designed to improve skin health and deliver optimal results directly through the SMART app.

“We’re pleased to have achieved CE certification which gives us the opportunity to enter into new markets within Europe and widen distribution of the Smarkin,” says Hosni Haji, Head of Overseas Department at Comper Healthcare. “We’re now at a point where our volume production efforts are taking off, and we’re excited about introducing new SMART healthcare solutions around the globe”.

Expansion of the Smarkin into the European Economic Area follows a successful Kickstarter campaign launched by Comper Healthcare which sought support from the public to bring this innovative product to market. The first of its kind, the Smarkin uses four different advanced technologies — radio frequency, electrical muscle stimulation, LED light technology, and MASS vibration therapy — to achieve its goal. The Smarkin is not the only SMART device which Comper Healthcare has successfully introduced, with the SMART Fertility Tracker receiving accolades at the LUX Parent and Baby Awards in 2018.

The Smarkin device is already receiving positive feedback through crowdfunding website Indiegogo. It aims to assist users in identifying the most effective and efficient solutions to common skincare concerns and offers a variety of treatments including skin tightening and plumping and fine line reduction, and also helps to minimise the appearance of blemishes and combat fatty deposits that build up in the skin.

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