World's First Turban Designer Makes £1 Million Turban

World’s First Turban Designer Makes £1 Million Turban

The world’s first couture turban designer, Veroniqué Salagean has recently finished her most luxurious and expensive turban to date, with a cost of £1 million pounds.

The decadent and ornate turban was commissioned for a female client residing in the Middle East and features a variation of 100 round cut diamonds of 2 carats and under, 100 24k gold threads and a combination of seven sheets of 24k gold fabric and vintage silk damask making this glittering masterpiece an item of unparalleled luxury.

Taking 500 hours to design and create, the turban is testament to the creative abilities and superior craftsmanship of turban designer Veroniqué Salagean, who since 2015 has been creating a range of exquisite and totally unique articles which each have their own individual stories.

Coming to England from her native Transylvania in 2014, Veronique’s vision was to use her gift in design and inspiration from the past to create her own exclusive range of turbans.

An atelier of note with a flair for ornate detailing and lavish, luxurious headwear, Ms Salagean said “Each turban I create carries a drop of my aura with it, and the opportunity to create such an extravagant and opulent piece was a dream come true.

“Working with the client and getting to know her individual tastes, I was able to design and craft an article that reflected her grace and persona using some of the world’s most lavish materials.

“I hope that she gains as much pleasure from wearing the turban as I did creating it.”

Just looking at Veroniqué Salagean’s range of turbans shows the amount of love and painstaking work that goes into creating each one, with the collections including opulent materials such as duchesse satin procured from Italy, delicate ostrich feathers and soft cottons to produce an item for ladies of style and splendour to wear with pride and confidence.

Each turban from London based VS Turbans is individually handmade to fit the client like a crown, and with such beautiful, draped fabrics and adornments, her collection will most certainly make the wearer feel like royalty.

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