Zeeelle Wigs Deliver Instant Unicorn Hair Without Damage or Distress

Zeeelle Wigs Deliver Instant Unicorn Hair Without Damage or Distress

The world of hair and beauty has been hit with a magical wand with unicorns, mermaids and fantasy characters now joining the likes of models and movie stars as an ultimate source of aesthetic inspiration. Zeeelle and its line of luxury ready-to-wear wigs transform any unicorn-wannabe into the enchanted princess she is without the damage or distress that can come from home-dying, just in time for the up-coming fashion moment of festival season.

Its collection of hairpieces in sought after shades such as pastel pink and ice blue are pre-styled into the hottest hair trends, enabling the wearer to enjoy rocking each fashion focussed style without dying her natural locks. Each wig from Zeeelle is meticulously hand-crafted in the UK, needs no glue to attach and is finished with a high-quality hairline that gives nothing but a natural appearance even if the shades are out of this world!

While Zeeelle caters towards ladies that long for supernatural tresses, it also provides a premium collection of natural coloured pieces for instant superstar style. Rich reds, deep browns and creamy blonde hair in super-straight, effortlessly curly and glamorous waves are on offer, with a multitude of versatile designs to choose from. Whether opting for a rainbow or classic hue, these luxury ready-to-wear wigs require no professional installation, offering an out of the box perfect style, without ever needing to visit the salon.

Frey Necole, CEO of Zeeelle commented, “A woman’s hair is almost like her coat of arms, and when she is happy with her hair she is free to take on the world! Now, bigger, brighter and bolder is better when it comes to hair trends and while there are ways to alter and boost natural hair, the overall effect is not as powerful as a high quality wig. What’s more, they actually protect the hair underneath rather than damaging it through over processing and styling.

“Whether wanting the sensual curls of Beyoncé or the jaw-dropping colour of Kyle Jenner’s recent look, using a wig is the perfect way to do so. We work hard to create a range that emulates these trends, from the colour to the cut to the way it is styled, so our customers can transform their look, straight out of the box!”

After initial production, every hairpiece from Zeeelle take 6-12 to customise, responsible for its natural look when it arrives to its new owner. While this process and the specialist hairline technique create the most natural looking wig, for added security the ZEBioScalp option is a skin-like replica that helps to protect the haircare secret from ever revealing.

Browse the full selection of luxury handcrafted hairpieces online at http://zeeelle.com/