We Are Open Through the Coronavirus Disruption

Hi Everyone! Just a quick announcement from us to let you know we are open and operating business as usual. We are aware and understand that many businesses are feeling anxious about the times ahead and we know many of you, including our existing clients and those in need of urgent marketing support, are keen to know if our services are still available. We are very pleased to reassure you all that we are open and operating as normal and committed to supporting you in any way we can.

Whilst maintaining social distancing practise and utilising our remote working capability, our agency remains at full capacity and will do throughout the duration of the coronavirus related issues and disruption.

We understand that many brands and businesses will have their metal tested over the coming weeks and months. Many of our clients are already showing true grit and determination and are already pushing forward by planning to use the period ahead to progress their marketing and communications efforts. It’s very inspiring to see everyone coming together and resolving to get through this – please do let us know if we can help, even if it is simply by answering a question, pointing you in the direction of a useful resource or giving a second opinion on any marketing collateral, whether you’re a current or past client or haven’t worked with us before.

For Businesses Continuing to Operate:
For those businesses who are responsibly able to continue business during Covid-19 containment periods, we are on hand to ramp up digital activity to help maintain sales and brand presence during this time. We are also well equipped to rapidly turnaround press releases and social media work – we know that you may have a sudden need for urgent support and we will do all we can to offer very fast turnaround times to support you.

For Businesses Ramping Down:
For brands and businesses who are either needing to or have elected to scale down or temporarily close for a short time, we understand you will be feeling helpless and want to somehow keep working toward progressing the business and coming back stronger. To support this, we are working on improved SEO, content production, production of marketing collateral and in some cases full marketing audits and strategies.

There is absolutely no need for your business to suffer more than it has to and we have a number of services available to ensure that even down time is used effectively and that your businesses can recover faster when we defeat this wicked virus.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to ask advice or to see how we can help your business during the global battle against the coronavirus.
We wish all of our friends and clients the very best of health. Please stay safe and look out for those around you.

Kindest regards,
Chris Woods – Dakota Director

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