From content marketing to mobile SEO, voice search to social media strategy, marketing to millennials to AdWords optimisation.

We create thought-leading, best-practise digital content for other agencies, web designers, industry tools and digital marketing platforms – all spearheaded by our in-demand, senior team of digital experts.

True digital marketing expertise is hard to find – the kind of expertise that has its finger on the pulse of new trends, enough front-line experience to write thought provoking opinion pieces and a real understanding of the mechanics of marketing in the fast-paced digital landscape.

Dakota Digital directors, Rebecca Appleton and Chris Woods bring best in class digital understanding and capability, coupled with award-winning content creation prowess. Established digital marketing columnists, we understand strategy and practice and can translate that knowledge into insight-rich content on a host of digital marketing topics.

We’ve produced ebooks and white papers, lead magnets and articles, short blog posts and longer instructional pieces. We’re adept at generating content ideas, compelling social media posts and effective web copy across SEO, content marketing, PPC, social media and wider digital marketing topics.

We also understand the mechanics of digital, working with a range of tools to consistently craft copy that positions you as a trusted partner, digital leader or top-tier agency.

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“Dakota Digital has a rare mix of talent – true digital understanding, proven marketing prowess and some of the best wordsmiths in the industry. We’ve worked with large global brands to challenging briefs, make a point of keeping abreast of digital developments and know exactly how to translate that into expert and actionable copy on any digital marketing subject, whether your audience is beginner, intermediate, advanced or a mix of the three.” – Rebecca Appleton, MD.

“Digital is far too often treated like a numbers game. As well as being efficient channel management specialists, part of our edge comes from genuinely understanding the businesses and brands we work with. For me the hybrid approach between brand identity and tone of voice works hand in hand with compelling and successful marketing and advertising” – Chris Woods, Head of Digital and Strategy.

Brands we work with

From raw startups to gigantic blue-chips, we’ve had the opportunity to work with a broad range of new and upcoming brands as well as some very popular household favourites.

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