Is Periscope a worthwhile addition to your social media strategy?

Examining the pros and cons of Twitter's new platform

This week i’ve been spending some time on Periscope and researching opinions from others. My initial verdict on Twitter’s new platform has now been turned into a guest blog for our keyword tool client,

As you’ll know if you have read any of my other pieces, I don’t tend to mince my words when it comes to passing judgement on new digital innovations, particularly those in the digital media space. I have some reservations about the platform but I also found some positives, dependant on your branding style. Here’s just a snippet from my findings,

“In a nutshell, Periscope is much like a grown up version of Snapchat, with Twitter’s unique discovery interface bolted on… Is Periscope really all that different from Twitter? Is it just a fancy video add-on?”

“As Periscope is an app, taking a little from Twitter’s failed Vine app, there is no editing and no perfecting – it’s just live, unedited video content. There’s something very personal, an almost a behind the scenes feel to a brand or business airing live video in this way. There’s a more genuine feel to a live stream and raw footage than a salesy video with added graphics and pro editing techniques.”

Obviously there is a lot of choice when it comes to social platforms and the exact components of your social media mix will depend very much on your brand and your demographic. Committing to a new platform takes a lot of work so, if you are wondering whether or not Periscope is worth your while, visit the Wordtracker blog to read my verdict in full.

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