SEO Page Audits


Choose from 5, 10 or 15 detailed SEO page audits. Each report analyses each page in depth, identifying SEO issues, strong SEO elements and making content suggestions.

Unsure how well optimised your page is? Unclear if you’re making SEO mistakes or missing opportunities to rank better? Our pack of five detailed SEO page audits will:

  • Help you to identify exactly how optimised any given page is for your desired keyword(s)
  • Identify issues on the page which are harming your ranking so you can rectify them
  • Give you a breakdown of things you’re doing right to aid your search position and
  • Provide content suggestions

You can pick any five of your core pages, specify individual keywords for each page or allow us to recommend. The report will score your overall optimisation of that page out of 100.

Issues affecting your page: You’ll get a full breakdown of any SEO sins being committed, such as not using your target keyword enough, keyword stuffing content, incorrect page title length, poor URL structure, keyword placement and incorrect ALT tags

What you’re doing right: In addition to pinpointing errors, each in-depth SEO page audit will also outline what you’re doing correctly and which elements of your page are helping you in the search results. This might include feedback such as optimal page title length, sufficient content, good keyword density, optimised URL structure – this gives you the confidence to strengthen other pages on your domain with a clear handle on what IS helping your page to rank.

Content suggestions: If your page content could benefit from additional search phrases, the report will also make suggestions for terms you may want to add.

A total of five unique page reports are included in this package. So you simply need to provide links to the five pages on your site you’d like to be audited, along with any specific keywords you’d like the page audit to be performed for and then let us do the rest.

Turnaround time: 3 days from receipt of pages to be audited

  • Detailed SEO page audit for 5, 10 or 15 pages
  • Assesses each individual page in depth for your chosen keywords
  • Each page is graded with an overall optimisation score
  • See all SEO errors preventing your page from being fully optimised
  • Checklist of all strong SEO elements helping your page ranking