Global Media Distribution


Got a press release prepared but need an affordable distribution option? We’ll issue your PR to every relevant media contact in the world with this package, includes both online and offline outlets.

Do you have a big news story that you want to tell the world about? Our global media distribution option allows you to do just that. Using the world’s most accurate media database, we’ll create custom worldwide media lists from more than 840,000 contacts and outlets, to create a highly targeted, exceptionally relevant distribution for you. We’ll reach out to each individual contact around the world by email to share your news, with any pictures and images you provide.

Global media distribution covers all online and offline media relevant to your piece of news; newspapers, magazines, trade journals, blogs, radio and TV, both online and offline.

Turnaround time: One working day from receipt of your PR. We can also write your PR for you if needed for an additional fee.

  • Global media distribution
  • Your PR sent to all relevant online and offline media around the world
  • Highly targeted, very precise media distribution lists built by hand
  • Includes all global journalists, freelancers, bloggers, newspapers, magazines, radio shows and TV shows relevant to your news
  • Open report showing who's read your news