Don’t Make SEO Harder Than it Has to be, Focus on the Big Wins

Paying attention to the right areas of your SEO will get you further

It’s something I’m asked about all the time. How can we tackle all these areas of SEO?

It is true that SEO can seem like a labyrinth. Not because it’s necessarily as complicated and mystified as it used to be ‘back in the day’, more so because the sheer known volume of ranking factors is huge. There are over 200 individual ranking factors (that we know of) if you drill down. That is understandably going to be intimidating for any business owner or webmaster, even those who do have some experience in the area of digital marketing and search engine optimisation. The reality for most however, is you probably shouldn’t be trying to tackle all of these areas at once anyway.

Naturally, in an ideal world you would tackle each and every part of the SEO maze of factors at once and have the best SEO on the planet. The truth is that the average business just doesn’t have the resource or capacity to handle such an enormous task and certainly not in a short space of time. Instead of trying to do it all and just scratching the surface in many areas, what most businesses should be focussing on is the big wins, the items on the ranking factor checklist which are the most powerful and therefore most likely to make the greatest difference to your ranking positions.

Here’s just a few of the heavy hitters to get you started so that you’re maximising your time and effort for organic search:

seo playbook

  1. 1

    Page Load Time

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  2. 2

    Mobile First Website

  3. 3

    Powerful Content

  4. 4

    Natural Link Generating Techniques

  5. 5

    Local SEO & My Business

  6. 6

    Hosting, Server Location and Security

  7. 7

    Site Errors (Technical SEO)

I’m going to cover these items individually in enough detail in future posts to guide you through the process and help you improve your site’s search engine visibility. Check back regularly for more ranking tips.

If you’d rather bring in professional help to improve your SEO, do remember this is a service we provide as an agency. We’re always more than happy to talk about how we can support your business to take control of your Google rankings and grow your site traffic.

Chris Woods
Head of Digital

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