Unlocking the secrets to Facebook success

A guide to Facebook marketing for small business owners

The power of social media is impossible to ignore but striking the right balance can be difficult for brands. When it comes to the world’s largest social media network, creating Facebook marketing  content that resonates with the intended audience, shows up in news feeds, gets fans talking, commenting, liking and sharing is non-negotiable.

But how exactly do you do that? How do you make sure your content is on point and that you’re leveraging all of the tools that Facebook puts at your disposal to really make the most of this marketing channel?

Quickbook’s latest infographic has set out to unlock the secrets of social media’s star platform and with it, provide businesses large and small with the tips, insider knowledge and understanding they need to raise their Facebook game this summer.

Learn how to raise your Facebook marketing game

From how to set up a business Facebook page correctly to how to create successful posts to helpful tips, ‘Unlock the Secrets of Facebook’ a Guide for Small Business Owners is a handy cheat sheet to keep close by if you’re just starting out.

It’s packed with useful titbits such as how long your posts should be to grab audience eyeballs (around 100 to 250 characters is thought to be the sweet spot, generating up to 60% more likes, comments and shares). There’s also a timely reminder to shake things up with video, polls, competitions, images, promotions, news and more, rather than relying purely on sales led posts that can become stale very quickly to an audience looking to be entertained, not pitched too.

The infographic lectures on the importance of keeping a consistent personality, including a standard style and tone for posts to mirror the rest of the brand. It ends with a few important notes – use tags, try creating events, use the built in audience, link with your other social media accounts such as Twitter and use sponsored or boosted posts where appropriate.

Facebook marketing tips infographic

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