“Supporting each other as Latin women is important to me and makes us more powerful than the sum of our parts. Having established ourselves in the fashion industry and in London – and as we saw during this year’s SS24 show, we Latinas are perseverant and resilient, we are passionate.

Erika Alvarez – CEO, KOUA Studio

I feel extremely fortunate to have worked on The Last Butterflies. I really appreciate Whitney for reaching out to me. She wrote an amazing story, which was based on a series of nightmares she had, and I’m so happy to have been involved with her project.

Herb Jackson Jr – Actor

“Here at Adonis, we want to support the beauty industry by offering a solution that benefits both brands and their customers. Our private label solutions allow brands to bypass the challenges associated with the rising cost of beauty product so that they can focus on providing great products at an affordable price.”

Ann Wilson - Adonis
American Streetwear Brand Fuses Wearable Technology with Sustainable Fabric

American Streetwear Brand Fuses Wearable Technology with Sustainable Fabric

sPACYcLOUd debuts its foray into wearable technology with cutting-edge organic onesie proudly made in the USA. A US fashion brand has gone where no other apparel has dared tread with its latest launch – a revolutionary onesie that fuses cutting-edge wearable technology with an equally radical raw material. sPACYcLOUd’s Hemp Onesie is a sustainably sourced,

Virtual accounting team offers London based SMEs way to slash costs

Berics Accounting have embraced the digital age to offer growing SMEs access to a professional, full service accounts department without having to pay a London premium. The extensive range of services enables small businesses based in the capital to cut costs by outsourcing their account departments virtually while still maintaining the level of service they

British firm brings latest energy tech to market

British firm brings latest energy tech to market

Take up of renewable technology in the UK is continuing to grow and one British firm is at the forefront of bringing the latest innovations to market. Future Energy Solutions is using its expertise in the energy industry to help businesses and homeowners pick the right clean energy option for them and drive more to